I am proud to cover North Yorkshire and beyond to photograph your special day and capture those incredible lifelong memories. 

People often ask how I would describe my ‘style’ of shooting, in layman’s terms - documentary photojournalism. And what a beautiful way to deliver such a time.

Favourite scene for a Wedding? Rhethorical - It simply has to be the people who have shaped you throughout your lives as a couple and individually. I like to document the true feelings and emotion as it naturally unravels. I leave the storytelling of your day to you, your guests and the setting. ‘Natural’ is something you can’t ask anyone to re-create. My approach isn’t to run around telling everyone what to do, I capture the essence of your day true to form, maintaining a feel of relaxed and fun. I strongly believe that the photography shines through at it’s best when we bond and connect as a team - you the couple, me the photographer, forming a joint collaboration.

Group shots and couple portraits are the only shots we piece together. My responsibility as I see it, is to timelessly capture heart felt imagery in such a way that each time you look back, emotions are evoked from this special time in your lives, gifting you with a beautiful visually narrated story.

If there is any information you would like to know regarding my style please do get in touch. I would be very happy to help and create your own special story.

Questions to ask your wedding photograpaher to find the perfect match...

  • Have you ever shot at the venue where I am getting married? Don't worry if they say no! Ask to see similar locations or if they are familiar with the location
  • How many photos are included in my package? Some photographers will offer a set amount and others will give an unlimited number of images.
  • Can I request certain images? Some wedding photographers are open to suggestions and some prefer self-direction, it is important to discuss it in advance!
stunning yorkshire wedding
moedern wedding photography

More Questions a bride & groom should ask theirwedding photographer in advance...

  • How long from the wedding will it take to see my photos? The process varies considerably between photographers so make sure you are happy with the timescales!
  • What happens if there is an emergency, or you are ill? It is important to understand what the contingency plan is in case of emergencies!
  • How does the agreement work with regards to payment? You need to understand how much of a deposit is required and when the balance will be due to help you budget for your wedding.

"There are only two times I want to be with you... Now & Forever"