So you’re planning a destination wedding and require a destination photographer! Brilliant! Amazing photos are born from a great bond with your photographer. I would love you to consider me for a few reasons that I will honestly list below -  If you’re comfortable in your photographers company, it stands to reason that you’re going to be more relaxed on the day - Approach me with any questions you have about your destination wedding portfolio. 

I have a wild heart, so seeing the world is on my to-do list, and it is only now in my late twenties, that I value the feeling to actually see, taste and travel - different parts of the world. Matching my passion to capture Weddings and travel is really a dream come true. Your wedding, your destination - yes please! Passport in hand I will literally fly anywhere to snap your special day bringing along my style, experience and enthusiasm.

Wedding featured: The French/Swiss Alps - Sarah & Dan June 2019


Travelling in good time, a few days before your wedding day, allows me to scout a recce of the location, and tour the area visualising my shooting style here and pre-planning the approach for your day. My ambition is very much to capture the day from a candid natural perspective, showcasing just why you fell in love with this location and why it is sanctimonious to you, telling the day, true to life for you and everyone you share your galley with.

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I build my own portfolio of ideas/knowledge of your location choice in the lead up to your wedding, so I understand principle needs for the photography. Lighting, weather, views, travel, venue and ceremony to name a few. Almost MI5 style itinerary planning on my behalf. I engage with you, the couple every step of the way, with your thoughts/ideas and requests. Let’s do this! If you would like to know more about my previous destination experiences please get in touch.

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